What People Are Saying...

How To Date In LA

"It was real without pushing the 'How To' jargon. It allowed me to find my own way to date better in a way that was sharing and 'real talk.'"

M.L - North Hollywood

"I appreciated the openness and vulnerability of the whole group. Allowing the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone."

I.E - Los Angeles

"I enjoyed how it was a group effort and we got insight in different perspectives and interpretations of what people think about dating in LA and the struggles."

C.M - Pasadena

"It was great. Very informative & love interacting with the opposite sex."

A.A - Los Angeles

"Just applied what I learned. At my girl’s birthday party in Hollywood. Met an awesome medical sales dude from Senegal who lives in the OC. It’s on and cracking! I closed the deal. I was myself. I talked about loving to read. And then we connected. Thank you, thank you, and please thank the Mrs. because she unlocked the key for me!!"

V.T - Woodland Hills

How To Stay Happy, Together

"What a beautiful and needed opportunity to 'check-in' with ourselves and our relationship... there was so much that I loved, especially the 'origin' activity... just wish we had MORE TIME to delve into topics!"

T.B - Santa Monica

"Amazing. My first time ever participating in any type of self reflective or self improvement seminar, but I was comfortable, enjoyed myself and learned new things about my partner and me. Incredible experience."

K.F - Santa Monica

"LOVED IT!! I especially loved the exercises, because folks w/ADHD need that & so I really appreciated that. Also, loved the 'open' atmosphere, it's F*$%ing awesome!"

T.Z - Culver City

"Intimate & powerful. I love the not TOO structured flow. It felt organic. Great energy between speakers."

D.K - Culver City

"It was a positive learning experience, letting your feelings go and very informative."

G.M.C - West Hollywood

"My experience of How To Stay Happy Together is that it was an intense workout, a deep dive, emotional, self-discovery and something new."

J.C - West Hollywood