The Fire Series

Shawn is the author of the  "Finding Your Fire" series, which helps you to live solely in your own power. 

Designed to be 'Bite Sized Books' - collect all the titles in the series. Each book covers a different personal growth topic and is intended to be a quick 10-20 minute read and easy reference guide.

Be The Beast You Are PRINT.jpg

Be the beast you are

What’s inside of you and what do you want to unleash? What’s stopping you? When are you truly going to use all of your potential in this lifetime? Why do you always wait for “SOME DAY” to unleash all that you are? It’s now time for YOU to live the life you have always wanted to live, and BE THE BEAST YOU ARE.

Having Amazing Relationships PRINT.jpg

Having amazing relationships

Can you truly say that all of your relationships are AMAZING? Most likely, there are some relationships that need a little more love and commitment than others. This book is designed to honestly review your relationship to yourself, your family, your friends and more. Don't you deserve to have only amazing relationships? 
In the second of his "Finding Your Fire" books, Shawn Antonio helps you to heal and nurture the relationships in your life.