The Relationship Health Test

how to stay happy, together.

We are huge believers that you should continue to date, even when you are in a well-established and happy relationship.


The key is growing together.

Would you drive your car until the wheels fall off?


You rotate and balance your tires regularly. Replace them when they are worn out.

You check your fluids and get your car serviced with a 29 point inspection, the same way you get regular health checkups.


Instead of waiting for our health or our cars to fall apart from wear and tear, we actively work to maintain and look for insignificant problems before they become big problems.

The same should be true of your intimate relationships. The person you commit your life to should get the best of you. Not the rest of you.

No one person is perfect and relationships do take work.

But, this workshop isn't about fixing your relationship. It isn't couples therapy or marriage counseling. It isn't what to  do if you are in serious trouble.

It is for healthy and happy couples who want to get the most out of their relationship. It's a way to go deeper, to check in and make sure you are moving forward in the same direction before the wheels fall off. Take this opportunity to discover new things about each other and practice falling in love all over again.

Because your love is worth it.

How to stay happy, together.

How to stay happy, together.