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The Antonios

When it comes to love and dating, the Antonios have been there, and done that. Failed relationships, broken hearts, trauma, online dating, crazies, late night booty calls, hilarious one night stands - between them, they've seen it all.

Married since 2012, Shawn and Alicia didn't follow a conventional path to marriage... they never officially dated. Alicia joined Shawn as his business partner in 2011 and somewhere along the way they fell in love, while they were both looking in other directions.

"It probably wouldn't work for most people, but it worked for us!" Alicia laughed. Both Shawn and Alicia accredit honesty, and the lack of expectation, which allowed them to grow as friends and for love to organically flourish between them.

From 1999 until 2015, Shawn was Hollywood's most respected nightlife promoter. 

"I've easily been responsible for hundreds of relationships, a ton of marriages and I don't know how many kids!"

Shawn & Alicia eloped to Vegas with a 'small' group of family and friends in 2012 and had so much fun getting married they decided to do it every year. 

"We decided to renew our vows every year in a different place. It certainly fulfills our desire to travel, but more than that, we felt it was important to look at our marriage every year and re-commit ourselves. It gives us the opportunity to check in regularly to see how we have grown together as a couple, and to discuss what our commitment means to us as we change."

Not surprisingly, Shawn & Alicia quickly became the go-to couple for relationship advice.  

"Everyone started asking us for help" Shawn recalled. "Both our single and committed friends wanted to know how to have the kind of relationship we have. But they didn't want to get just one opinion, they always wanted to hear both of our thoughts. Actually, the guy we bought our last car from ended up grilling us for 2 hours on how to have a successful relationship!"

So... How To Date In LA was born. 

LA is a tough city to date in. It can be even harder to maintain a healthy relationship.

But, it IS possible. 

If you are feeling jaded by failed relationships in the City of Angels, let Shawn & Alicia guide you to finding and maintaining an amazing relationship.

Because you deserve it!


Pure Passion, and LOVE!
Shawn Antonio's charm and talents can only be outdone by his wonderful wife. I love you two and all of the positivity that you exude!

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shawn Antonio

Shawn is a Life Coach & Author. His books 'Be The Beast You Are' and 'Having Amazing Relationships' are the first to be released in THE FIRE SERIES. Shawn is currently working on Book 3 - 'Letting It Go'. He was previously one of Hollywood's best-known and most respected nightlife hosts for more than 15 years. Shawn is committed to helping others live their best lives. Shawn is bilingual (Spanish was his first language!) and his passions are changing lives, traveling the world and living out loud. 


Alicia antonio

Originally from Australia, Alicia relocated to Los Angeles as an actress in 2009. Alicia is a freelance writer for and also writes her popular mommy blog, Bottle Poppin Mama. Alicia is the founder of Mamabella Festival in California. Alicia loves traveling the world with Shawn and credits Egypt with being the place they fell in love. Like all good moms, Alicia enjoys a great bottle of wine, chocolate, and a big bubble bath with a good book.